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Proverbs: Skillful Living

Seven Great Reasons to be Wise

By Dr. John Neufeld / June 30, 2017

Experience, education, long life, I.Q., even our background does not necessarily get us wisdom. If we are to learn wisdom, we must seek wisdom. That is the key.

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Winning the War Against Sexual Sin

By Dr. John Neufeld / June 29, 2017

Every human being has a biological sex drive but that drive does not make you engage in sexual misdeeds. That drive can just as easily lead you to marriage and to lifelong long love and fidelity. It can be the impetus to purity. No, it is the heart that is at issue. For sin resides in the heart and it is there where the battle must be fought.

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Counting on God

By Dr. John Neufeld / June 28, 2017

And as a New Testament believer I read Proverbs in the light of Jesus who conquered death and lives forevermore. I may not see some of the rewards in this book in this life, or I may, but I will see all the rewards in this book. Christ through His resurrection has guaranteed that!

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Building Your Life from the Inside Out

By Dr. John Neufeld / June 27, 2017

Is there a secret to living with skill, or to living wisely? According to Proverbs 2, success begins on the inside and then and only then, moves out.

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Wise Words to Gullible People

By Dr. John Neufeld / June 26, 2017

The book of Proverbs, which is a book about wisdom, does not begin with abstract theories of what constitutes wisdom. Wisdom is rather straight forward. Wisdom is skill in living or the ability to live successfully.

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