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Prayers of King David

Part of the appeal of the Psalms is that they speak to our current life situations with clarity and hope. In this ten-message series, Dr. John points to the prayers of David from Psalms 13-17. Whether we are enduring difficult times, feel surrounded by ungodliness, are falsely accused or struggle to worship well, these Psalms are our prayers.

Despair or Delight

As creatures of time, the clock never moves more slowly than when we are in pain. In troubles we pray for immediate help and relief. But often God delays. Today Dr. John echoes David’s prayer, “How long?” Walk through through this Psalm and discover David’s secret to hope and perseverence.

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The Folly of the Godless

In our society, God is increasingly dismissed. His Word and will are peripheral to our culture. In Psalm 14, David sees a similar situation and calls those who deny God, “Fools.” Listen as Dr. John speaks of the consequences of setting God to the side.

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The Blameless Person

We are called to be worshippers of God. How are we to present ourselves in worship? From Psalm 15, Dr. John teaches on the qualities of heart, voice and action that God expects to see within those who come into His presence.

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Confidence in God

The experience of Christians around the world is varied. They live in different countries and face all sorts of situations. But there is a united testimony among them. Those who have taken refuge in God, know the abundant care of God. Listen as Dr. John speaks of our common confidence in God’s grace.

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A Prayer of the Wrongfully Accused

There are few trials more painful than to be falsely accused. In marriage and family, employment and civic duty, if rumours spread against us, the wounds are deep. Today Dr. John looks at the experience of David and points us to God’s vindication. To suffer unjustly and still trust in our Lord, such is the way of Jesus.

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God Protects His Messiah

Today we have limited connection with monarchy. We may follow the news, gossip about their lives and marvel at the pageantry, but who they are and what do is of limited practical impact in Canada. But Psalm 18 demonstrates that all of history is affected by Ps.18. Dr. John will demonstrate that this Royal Psalm is testament to the power of God’s promises and the ultimate fulfillment in Jesus Christ. In other words, this Psalm is for all of us.

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The Final Victory of the Lord

The idealist hopes and prays for victory through negotiation. Certainly, peace through words is preferred, but Ps.18 demonstrates David’s victory through battle. David achieved peace, security and prosperity for Israel, but at a cost. As Dr. John continues to teach through Psalm 18, we are directed to the coming victory of Jesus Christ. While David’s won peace was partial, the King of Kings will return and achieve victory and peace over all creation.

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The Two Books

To those who think that God is silent, Psalm 19 presents two books of God. Dr. John points to this library of God and demonstrates the power and impact of both the book of nature and the book of Scripture. The one overpowers us with wonder, the second offers wisdom that leads to spiritual wealth. Listen as Dr. John explains the place and power of each.

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Prayer for the King

A clear principle demonstrated throughout Israel’s history is this – godly leaders impact the nation for good. However, the opposite is also true. Ungodly leaders can ruin a nation. Dr. John teaches through Psalm 20, a royal psalm for the king. The psalm teaches us how to pray for our leadership, be it civil or congregational. We pray the blessing of God upon our leaders that we, too, might be blessed.

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