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Never Alone

Isolation is a problem in our society. Many feel alone and distant from one another. But when you are in pain, the isolation is accentuated. Nothing makes suffering more difficult than feeling that you must bear it alone. But we are never alone! This 5-message series on Psalm 22 encourages all who suffer that God is with us. That was the experience of King David. That was the experience of King Jesus. Listen and take hope. God knows your pain and He is with you!

Forsaken by God?

Psalm 22 is a song about suffering unjustly. It tells the experience of King David. It points to the innocent suffering of Jesus. Perhaps it echoes your own experience. Today, Dr. John begins to unpack this song and reminds each of us that we are not alone. Our pains may tell us that God is distant. Our faith whispers that He is near.

Finding Worth in God

To be forsaken is bad. To be betrayed is worse. In Psalm 22 David thinks of those that have turned their backs to him. They have treated him as if he was valueless. But since God created him, David has value before God. Dr. John reminds each of us that regardless of how others treat us, we find our hope and approval in God.

Deliver Me!

The world can be a dangerous place. There are dangers we see and try to avoid. There are unseen dangers that we are susceptible to because of our ignorance. In Psalm 22 David sees that he is surrounded by enemies like bulls and lions – powerful, terrifying. He calls to God for deliverance. Listen as Dr. John teaches that despite our vulnerable places – we are safe with God.

The Spread of Joy

It’s hard to imagine that our difficult times can become a cause of encouragement for others. Yet, you know that it is true. The story of God’s deliverance for us becomes hope and joy to those who hear. Listen as Dr. John teaches on David’s experience. He was isolated in trouble, but shared God’s rescue as cause for community celebration.

The Boundless Kingdom

Psalm 22 was written by David to convey a struggling time in his life. We can identify with his words when we too encounter troubles. Today Dr. John reminds us that the ultimate subject of this Psalm is Jesus Christ. The sufferings of Jesus become not simply a means of sympathy for us, but the deliverance from sin, over death, for all eternity. He is our Saviour.


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