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Mysteries of the Kingdom

A King Without Honor

By Dr. John Neufeld / January 25, 2019

And that is the mystery of the kingdom of heaven. In spite of the fact that the kingdom of heaven has come the reception will be varied. How about you? How have you responded to the kingdom?

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The Value of the Kingdom

By Dr. John Neufeld / January 24, 2019

The kingdom of heaven is more valuable than anything any human being has ever sacrificed for. This is the most valuable thing that exists. For it gives you God eternity, forgiveness and joy without regret.

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Satan’s War Against the Kingdom

By Dr. John Neufeld / January 23, 2019

Satan knows the power of the church and so it is within the church that he best works. It is one thing to bring persecution from the outside, it is quite another when it arises from within.

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The Greatest Moment in History

By Dr. John Neufeld / January 22, 2019

Capernaum has now been visited by hundreds of millions of people because Jesus made that place His home town. But the people who lived there and saw Him had no idea that they were standing at ground zero of the most profound moment not in Jewish history but in human history.

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Understanding the Times

By Dr. John Neufeld / January 21, 2019

Matthew, as an eye witness of Jesus and as a man chosen by Jesus to be one of His ambassadors to the world wrote this book to give compelling evidence that Jesus really is the long anticipated Messiah, who brought the Kingdom of God to earth

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Falling Away

By Dr. John Neufeld / January 18, 2019

Why do some fall away? His answer; there was something defective from the start. Even though their conversion looked so real to us the hidden underlying cause of their action is that the soil of their heart was unprepared.

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The Grace of Seeing

By Dr. John Neufeld / January 17, 2019

I think we can honestly say if we refuse grace it is because we have willingly chosen to refuse grace. But If we embrace grace it is because God has willingly chosen to open our eyes

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The Parable of the Sower

By Dr. John Neufeld / January 16, 2019

What does all of it mean today? At the very least the message of the gospel continues to go out but have you noticed how varied the results really are?

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Belonging to Jesus

By Dr. John Neufeld / January 15, 2019

You aren’t a Christian because you were born into a Christian home or even that you were baptized. You are a Christian as you bend the knee, call Jesus Christ Lord and God and surrender your life into His hands.

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What it Takes to Believe

By Dr. John Neufeld / January 14, 2019

A sign will never solve the problem with our unbelief. The problem is not the lack of evidence, it is the moral condition of our heart.

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