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Micah's Message of Hope

The shadows of our time are not unique. We’re not the only generation knowing dark days. Micah preached to Israel when their enemies advanced. The seven chapters of Micah proclaim the justice of God and the hope of His people. In this 5-message series Dr. John Neufeld focuses those themes upon Bethlehem. Micah points to birth of the Messiah as God’s rescue and righteousness; vital truths for our day.

Micah’s Christmas

Good news comes when we are in need. From doctors, accountants or our GPS, the information is welcomed because we are sick, broke or lost. It’s our plight that makes the news good. The good news from Micah about a Bethlehem birth is celebrated because we are under judgement. Listen as Dr. John echoes the prophet, clearly, we need a Saviour.

The Plans of the Lord

Our first thought when we hear the word “Advent” is about Christmas, and justly so. God has come to earth. Micah writes of Advent and acknowledges Bethlehem, but he looks further. The prophet speaks of Jesus’ second advent and the righteousness of His earthly rule. Listen as Dr. John unpacks the plans of the Lord begun in Bethlehem, but much more is still to come.

The Long Expected Messiah

For children and adults alike, the wait for Christmas seems long. Its coming is not measured simply in days or weeks, but in anticipation and goosebumps. It may feel delayed simply because we long for it so much. The same is true for Jesus’ second Advent and, in fact, for all the promises of God. Dr. John reminds us through Micah that despite what feels prolonged, hope sees and waits for the promises of God.

Why We Need a Saviour

In an age of “actualizing our potential” or “managing our personal flaws,” sin has become absent. Yet there is no escape from the biblical truth. We are fallen beings unable to rise to God’s requirement. Today Dr. John teaches from Micah 6 with its courtroom drama. God’s demands are clear. We must “do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with God.” Yet we fail repeatedly to obey. That’s why we need a Saviour.

Hope in the Pardoning God

Micah is a prophecy of stark clarity. It demonstrates the fallen condition of humanity and the judgement of God which rests upon us justly. But it is a Messianic prophecy as well. The Messiah will come to judge, rule and to pardon. Dr. John demonstrates how the coming of the Messiah in Bethlehem proves to be the hope for all for pardon and cleansing.


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