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Life Lessons From David

The life of David is full of lessons that we can still learn from today. David’s faith and journey with God is an amazing example of God’s patience and unconditional love for His people. By joining Dr. John Neufeld in this 15-message series titled, Life Lessons From David, you will be blessed and encouraged in your faith. Together, we can learn from Dr. John as he teaches us how to strengthen our walk with the Lord.

God Chooses Our Times and Circumstances

The place and purpose of David within the Scriptures cannot be overstated. He is the epitome of Monarchs in the Old Testament and the foreshadow of Messianic reign in the New Testament. Mores so, David’s life is evidence that God has purpose for us all. Listen as Dr. John begins to trace the intent of God through David’s life. It gives hope and meaning for us as well. We may not rise to the heights of David, but our lives in God’s Hands have purpose.

God Chooses Our Calling

We are not self-made, but shaped. We are not self-directed, but guided. Believers do not craft their own calling, but respond to the Voice and Hand of God. We see in David’s life, not only that God had a calling for him, but the way David discerned and answered that call. David’s pattern becomes a template for us all.

Learning to Have Courage and Confidence in God

The fact that we all have a calling from God doesn’t suggest that everyone responds well to it. Rising to the call of God requires courage – but a specific kind of courage. Listen as Dr. John speaks of David and Goliath. You will note that while David had personal courage, it did not rest upon his ability, experience or equipment. David’s confidence was in God.

Learning to Fight in Your Own Armour

It was over in an instant. The battle between David and Goliath lasted as long as the flight of a stone. David faced Goliath with the tools of a shepherd and had the experience of defending his flock from a bear and lion. Dr. John reminds us that we answer the calling of God with the shaping and resources of God. God had prepared David for this moment. God is preparing you for His purpose as well.

Learning You Cannot Fight Alone

David went from being an obscure shepherd boy to Israel’s hero. He was elevated, applauded and sung about. How did a young boy navigate the rapids of fame? Today Dr. John points to a gift that God provided for David; a friend. Jonathan and David were bound by heart. This friendship did more than help David understand the royal court. It helped stabilize David in the crush of popularity. Everyone needs a friend.

Learning Faithfulness When It’s Not Ideal

Faithfulness is not a single step. It is a journey of many steps, one after the other in the same direction. Before David would be king of Israel, there were countless faithful steps he had to take. His path would face opposition, treachery and temptation. Listen as Dr. John points to the faithfulness of David despite great struggle. We can take courage in our own journey and trust the power of God for each step.

Hanging On When Everything Crumbles

Only the naive think that David was prepared to be king at the defeat of Goliath. David demonstrated great courage and faith, but there was much in him that needed to be addressed by the grace of God. Dr. John teaches that the path towards glory is marked by suffering. God’s intent is not pain, but purification. He shaped David for His purposes, even as he shapes us too.

Refusing to Run Ahead of God

The confidence of a warrior is not enough to enable a king. David knew how to fight; he will need to learn how to reign. Dr. John points to God’s care and schooling for David as he ran from Saul. A key lesson was learned in a cave in En Gedi. We learn to wait on God.

Finding God Faithful Where We Might Not Be

Has God ever prevented you from doing something you would regret later? Perhaps in a surge of anger or a hasty decision, God intervenes for good in our lives. God does what is right, even if we are prone not to. Today Dr. John teaches on about David’s interaction with Nabal and Abigail. David had been wronged and was ready to avenge it. God stepped in with wisdom for the greater picture.


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