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Jesus Goes Global: Vol III

Dr. John Neufeld’s three week series “Jesus Goes Global – The Missionary Enterprise” focuses on chapters 13-15 of the book of Acts. Listen to the encounter of the first missionary journey and its impact on the global faith.

The Missionary Enterprise 

As Christs followers we have been called to go and make disciples of all nations as mandated by Jesus in Matthew 28:19-20. This is a call to preach the gospel against all odds. What does this look like today? Let’s explore this series to see where we fall short of this mandate.

Warfare for the Gospel

It is impossible for the gospel to go forward without considerable spiritual warfare.Jesus did say that the gates of hell would not prevail against the church but that doesn’t mean the gates of hell would throw up a white flag when they see the church coming.There will be considerable damage in the battle, but God is faithful and he will not abandon his servants.

Why it is the First Testament

Why is it the first Testament? Throughout the Old Testament we see God’s people needing a saviour. Jesus became the ultimate Saviour as predicted in the Old Testament and as recorded in the New Testament. He is still the only saviour who can redeem us today.

Jesus, the Chosen Saviour

Jesus the fulfilment of a redemptive Saviour as promised by an all knowing God. Jesus is the fulfilment of prophecy with profound evidences of his death, burial and resurrection documented by trustworthy eyewitnesses.

Freed From Sin

The blood of bulls and other animals could not atone for the sins of all. But the blood of Jesus is the atoning sacrifice for all. The call is for repentance and baptism through faith in Jesus Christ, the only sacrificial lamb. What’s your response to the message?

God’s Love for Jews and Gentiles

We must always keep on the mission that Christ has called us to. Like Paul and Barnabus, we will face Spiritual opposition, but we never stop proclaiming the good news to all people!

Boldness in Persecution

How should followers of Jesus respond in hardships, trials, and persecution? Let’s continue in our study of Acts and consider our call to proclaim the Gospel.

When World Views Collide

When we live in a culture whose thinking is so far from Biblical truth, how do we find a starting point for sharing the Gospel? Paul and Barnabas faced this very issue almost 2,000 years ago and have wisdom for us.

A Most Peculiar Open Door

When we are obedient to Christ, the fruit is always more than we expected, and the door is open far wider than we had imagined. Paul bore the marks that it isn’t easy, but the fruit is wonderful.


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