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Jesus Goes Global: Vol I

The growth of the Jesus movement and Christianity from a small, local following into a global phenomenon is against all odds. Unlike other religions, empires, or political theories, Christianity seemed to have had very little chance of succeeding. Christianity had no armies, political power, or human power to launch it onto the public stage. So how did it grow? What happened that made the life of Jesus and His teachings spread like wildfire?
In this 3-week series, join Back to the Bible Canada and Dr. John Neufeld as we unpack the question: What is the mission and purpose in our lives as Christians? The book of Acts paints a clear answer for us, so join in, listen, and learn with us!

Jesus Goes Global

How well are you proclaiming the gospel of Jesus? The gospel going forward to the ends of the earth is not of political will or the will of man, it is of the Holy Spirit. The proclamation of the gospel must go forth through the Holy Spirit until every man and woman have an opportunity to respond to the gospel and until Jesus return.

Laying Down the Foundation

Do you have doubts about Jesus and his Kingdom? Do you understand the message of the Kingdom of God and the eternal benefits? Jesus took the time between his resurrection and his ascension to reinforced the teachings of the Kingdom of God to his disciples. Listen to this message and take the time also to look at what the bible teaches about God’s Kingdom.

Living with Mission and Expectation

Do you feel powerless to proclaim the gospel of Christ? Maybe you need guidance, but rest assured that the Holy Spirit provides the ultimate power to proclaim the gospel.  Christians are Christ ambassadors. Let’s look to the Holy Spirit in letting Christ be known to those around us.

Knowing The Truth

Have you wondered about the criteria of an apostle and the importance to the gospel? Well, truth is always important in developing trust and confidence. The apostles are the foundation on which the gospel is built as they were with Jesus from the beginning of his ministry and can attest to his death, burial and resurrection.


Pentecost Phenomena – There were God fearing Jews from every nation under heaven and they heard the gospel in their native languages. It all happened through the power of the Holy Spirit. The gift of tongues on the Day of Pentecost declared the mighty works of God. As Christians we are empowered with the Holy Spirit. God expects all Christians through the power of the Holy Spirit to continue declaring his words.

The First Christian Sermon – Part 1

The long expected Messiah was nailed to the cross because of the predestined will of God. He became flesh and dwell among men who crucified him.He resurrected and became the atoning sacrifice for the sins of men. After Peter’s sermon, 3000 people responded to the message – confessed their sins, repented and were baptized. What is your response to the message?

The First Christian Sermon – Part 2

Do you find it difficult to respond to the gospel? Are you wondering what to believe?  Peter’s sermon draws attention to the David’s prophecy of the Messiah and also to David as the patriarch of the Messiah. Peter also spoke of Joel’s prophecy of the Holy Spirit. These occurrences along with the people’s own knowledge of Jesus’ crucifixion led them to great belief and responses of repentance and baptism.

The Church is Born

What are the marks of the Christian church? Devoted to the apostles teachings, devoted to church fellowship, sharing in communion, and devoted to prayer.

What’s in a Name?

How powerful is Jesus’ name? Jesus’ name is of authority and power, not just a name. It’s all revealed in the miracle of his virgin birth; his earthly ministry and miracles; his sufferings; his death; his burial; his resurrection and his ascension. He is now seated at the right hand of God. What power in a name!


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