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Jesus Goes Global: Confronting the Power Base

How did Christianity go from a localized faith in Jerusalem to become the dominant faith in all of Rome? In this series, Dr. John teaches from Acts 16-20 and demonstrates the progress of Christianity through Paul and his companions. Dr. John demonstrates that the truth of the gospel and the power of the Spirit, carried by frail but obedient people, could not be stopped. The lessons of those days become encouragement for ours.

Taking the Gospel to Power Centres

Historians wrestle with the rise of Christianity in first century Rome. How can a movement with little finances, no political power, and meager human resources set the Roman Empire on end? Luke answers the question in the book of Acts. Dr. John begins a series from Acts 16-20 to demonstrate the rise of the Christian faith in a hostile world. He points to the similarities between our day and the days of Acts. Listen and be encouraged by the power of God available for our world.

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Human Weakness and God’s Strength

Common sense suggests that a precious treasure should be carried by the most qualified means. Do not allow for weakness, failure, or incompetency in the process. But God has placed the treasure of the gospel into the hands of humans – who don’t always measure up. Dr. John teaches on the beginning of Paul’s second missional journey and points to the tensions and challenges within every believer who carries the gospel message. And yet the gospel grows. listen and consider the grace and power of God through frail vessels like us.

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Dependant on the Holy Spirit

We all make plans; from simple decisions about dinner to major moves. But what happens when our plans get changed? What if they are changed by God? In today’s message, Dr. John traces Paul’s missional itinerary and notes the ways that Paul surrendered to the movement and voice of the Spirit. The plans of God take precedent over the ways and wisdom of men.

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Intolerant Paganism

Jesus charged His followers to be His witnesses thoughout the Earth. Paul follows that command all the way to Philippi. Listen as Dr. John teaches about the entrance of faith into the first European city. The resistance of darkness is strong, but Jesus promised that even the gates of Hell could not withstand the gospel.

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We may think of perseverence as simply not stopping. But to coninue in fear or complaint is not the image of Christian perseverence. In this message, Dr. John shows Paul and Silas persevering with faith and a song – even through beatings and imprisonment. Steadfastness is more than stubborn continuance. It is a reflection of Christ is the midst of trouble.

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Caesar or Christ?

Our commitment to Christ is professed and practiced in an arena of competition. Others pull at our time, attention, contribution and loyalty. It may be family, work, good causes or political expectations. Disciples learn to give what is due where it is due – but no claim can precede our obedience to Jesus. In today’s message, Dr. John demonstrates that truth lived out in Thessalonica. Listen and learn how the early Church practiced loyalty to Jesus in the midst of other demands.

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Noble Bereans

In our day, Google has become the authoritative text to resolve arguments or debates. If you want to know who won the World Series in 1958 – look it up. Of course, Google is not inerrant and far too flimsy to assure us of vital matters. When Paul preached, he pointed to the Scriptures as the authoritative and reliable source of truth. Dr. John speaks today of the Bereans, who when they heard Paul, they then went to the Scriptures to verify the truth. God has not left us to guess, take a poll, or rely on the voice of another. The truth of Jesus is in the Scriptures and it can be trusted for eternity.

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Christ and the Philosophers

We are made for worship. The image of God stamped upon everyone who breathes plants a hunger for God. Clearly that hunger is misshaped by sin – but it is a hunger nonetheless. Dr. John walks us through Paul’s sermon on Mars Hill in Athens. Paul begins his sermon with what everyone has in common: a hunger for God. In a city that was filled with worship, Paul directs their crooked paths to the One who is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Only Jesus can sastisfy our hunger.

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The One True God

Paul began his sermon on Mars Hill by recognizing that we are all seekers of God. While Paul was grieved at the worship of idols, he spoke to the root of man’s heart – looking for God. Today Dr. John points to the best part of Paul’s sermon. There is good news! God is not far. He has providentially established conditions of earth, that He may be found. Paul’s sermon gives hope to every seeker. God wants to be found and has reached to us in Jesus Christ.

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