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Israel 2018

In this five-message series, Dr. John reflects on his experience of the Holy Land. He discusses how the great story of the Bible stretches back to the very beginnings of God’s plan of redemption and reaches forward to eternity.

Encountering God in the Holy Land

As we journey through the land of Israel we are encountering the footprints of the God who has spoken.

Jesus – The Early Years

Israel was the place where Jesus the Son of God and Son of Man, lived, ministered, died and was raised to life. Israel is the land of Jesus.

Jesus in Jerusalem

Today, I want to take you to Jerusalem the only place on earth that is called the city of the great king.

The Triumph of Jesus

I want to speak about a time when Jerusalem was conquered by Jesus. I know it is somewhat strange to think of it that way, but I believe the Bible leads us to think that way.

The Return of Jesus

A journeying to Israel and to Jerusalem ought to fill God’s people with a sense of expectation of the 2nd coming of Jesus.


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