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Great Men and Women of Faith

The Bible is filled with detailed accounts of some of the most amazing people to have ever walked the earth. In this five-message series, Dr. John Neufeld digs into 5 different individuals with equally remarkable lives. There is much to be learned from the stories of faith found in the lives of Joseph, Moses, Esther, Hezekiah, and Mary. God used each of these people to impact the world and our faith long after they left. What legacies can be found in these messages?

Joseph: Forgiveness and Reconciliation

If you have ever been wounded by someone who should never have wounded you listen up. The way Joseph dealt with wounds is a blueprint for dealing with wicked people especially when those wicked people are our friends and even our family.

Moses: Getting There by Going in Circles

Moses who led the people of Israel in circles for 40 years wandering in an unbearably hot desert while they ate the same thing for breakfast, lunch and supper every day while He promised them a land of milk and honey until a whole generation died in the desert. Moses died there as well. Is that leadership? Did God intend that?

Esther: Submitting to God’s Purposes

Sometimes people who have exhibited almost no faith at all are suddenly roused by God for a great purpose. If in fact you believe that someone like you cannot ever be used by God, think again! The book of Esther will give you great hope.

Hezekiah: The Measure of Greatness

If you want to learn from Hezekiah let me ask you, do you want your life to be great or are you content with mediocrity? This sermon is intended for those who want their lives to matter.

Mary: And the Glory of God

Since so little seems to be said about Mary what lessons of faith can be learned from her? Well hang on, because I think there is much we can learn from this remarkable woman. A woman the Bible calls the most favored of all women.


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