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God's Provision

The sheep don’t know what they need but the shepherd does and arranges matters for the sheep that will care for their needs. That is why David said “the LORD was my shepherd” and was providing for me all that I ever wanted or needed. A study of Psalm chapters 23 and 37. A five-message series.

All I Ever Wanted

This Psalm is about real life. It is about the real life of everyone who is watched over by the shepherd of his or her soul.

The Shepherd Provides

David, after verse 1, explains to us how he has come to the conclusion that with the LORD’s shepherding, that he has no wants, he has everything he could ever want.

The Shepherd Protects

David has seen that death has lost its sting, that the tools of the good shepherd are to be counted on. Trust in the shepherd and death will not harm you.

Thriving In Evil Times

Psalm 37 assures us that God will never forsake His people.

Remaining Faithful and Contented

The good life consists of what is within. It consists in generosity, in wisdom, in justice, in love, in peace and in the joy of knowing the creator.


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