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God's Providence

We tend to think that chance is the cause for the weather, traffic, our place of birth and lot in life. But believers know that Providence rules instead  of chance. Listen to this 3-week series of Dr. John as he unpacks the teaching of Scripture about Providence. You will marvel  with gratitude over God’s rule of this world and stand in a place of hope.

Why Christians Aren’t Fatalists

An old song says, “Que sera sera – whatever will be, will be.” It is the song of a fatalist.Fatalism is driving on a set road heading to a pre-set destination, regardless of what happens .Is fatalism the same as God’s providence? Dr. John walks us through the Scriptures to understand the difference. We will seee that God executes His determined designes through the willing obediecnce of His people. What we are and do matters to God!

God’s Providence for His Glory and Our Good

Every parent has heard their child ask, “Why?” Children can’t understand the complexities of life, and the wise actions of parents confuse them. With God, we are the children. Often we look heavenward and ask, “Why?” The mysteries of Earth and Heaven are hidden within the providential wisdom of God. Dr. John assures us that while we may be baffled by God’s ways, we can trust His goodness and care.

Application #1 – Fear Not

Fear is at play in our lives more often than we care to admit. We worry about our health, our family, climate changes, community violence and international tensions. We worry that no one seems to be in charge. But God is! He governs this world every minute. “Fear not,” is God’s assurance and command. We take courage, not because the dangers are illusionary, but because God rules over all. We can trust Him.

Application #2 – Be Joyful

Every complaint we make about the weather, our health, traffic or neighbours is an insult to the providential work of God. Our complaints suggest that either God is not doing enough, or we don’t like what He is doing! Dr. John points us to Paul’s experience in a Roman jail, and the joy Paul felt despite harsh circumstance. Knowing that God rules over every detail of our lives is cause not only for gratitude, but for deep joy.

Application #3 – Live by Faith

“What differnece does a healthy biblical view of God’s providence make in every day life?” Dr. John asks and answers this pivotal question. We are reminded to live by faith in our sovereign God. The faith that makes a difference is faith that believes in God’s providence, trusts His wise governance, and then orders life in response to His purposes.

Application #4 – Be Optimistic

The dictionary defines optimism as a perspective which sees the favourable side of life. Many rest their optimism on the shoulders of their skills, resources or even luck. Dr. John reminds us that smiling at the future is possible not because of our capacity or actions, but because of God’s providence. We can embrace the favourable side of life and eternity because God is in charge. This brings hope, courage and a smile.


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