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God's Providence

Application #4 – Be Optimistic

By Dr. John Neufeld / August 10, 2018

God is preparing me today to maximize my eternal joy so that even the sorrows I face are used by him for that.

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Application #3 – Live by Faith

By Dr. John Neufeld / August 9, 2018

No matter what cost there is in following Jesus the doctrine of providence tells you that paying that cost was arranged for you by God, for your long term good. Be confident and believe.

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Application #2 – Be Joyful

By Dr. John Neufeld / August 8, 2018

For believers our joy is found in the beauty of God himself.

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Application #1 – Fear Not

By Dr. John Neufeld / August 7, 2018

Do not fear. God repeats it. It is essential to our faith. But how many of us know that fear often motivates our behaviour?

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God’s Providence for His Glory and Our Good

By Dr. John Neufeld / August 6, 2018

In the end God’s ordering of all things will make God look overwhelmingly glorious.

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Why Christians Aren’t Fatalists

By Dr. John Neufeld / August 3, 2018

What happens just happens because it was meant to happen. People who believe in God’s providence never talk that way. They talk about God’s appointed designs and see themselves as willing to engage in a mission that simply can’t fail.

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The Value of Prayer

By Dr. John Neufeld / August 2, 2018

What is it about the doctrine of providence that should cause God’s people to pray more?

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But Are We Truly Free?

By Dr. John Neufeld / August 1, 2018

What about the reality of human actions the choices we make for the good and for the bad. Is every major choice I make merely an illusion?

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Two Wills in God – A Little Exercise in Theology

By Dr. John Neufeld / July 31, 2018

When I speak of the two wills in God what is it I mean? God never acts in contradiction to His nature and so He doesn’t want two different things at the same time. God is never conflicted about His goals.

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God Rules Over Good and Evil

By Dr. John Neufeld / July 30, 2018

If God in providence rules all things how is it that He sustains evil at all times? Or does He?

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