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God's Providence

We tend to think that chance is the cause for the weather, traffic, our place of birth and lot in life. But believers know that Providence rules instead  of chance. Listen to this 3-week series of Dr. John as he unpacks the teaching of Scripture about Providence. You will marvel  with gratitude over God’s rule of this world and stand in a place of hope.

What We Mean by Providence

Are we to live by the principles of chance and change in this life? Do we simply trust luck – good or bad? If that is all we have to rely on – then insecurity and depair will dominate. Dr. John points us to Biblical foundation. Jesus hold this universe together by the power of His Word. We do not rely on luck, but the benevolent omnipotence of our Lord. Listen and be encouraged.

In Him All Things Hold Together

If God did something different each day, how would you know it was God doing it? Dr. John will demonstrate that the consistency of God’s actions in creation provide a foundation for science, but more so, for hope to us all. Every day God upholds His creation in consistent ways – all for His glory and our good.

According to the Purpose of His Will

We talk about the weather daily. Many of our words are complaints. We see it as random chance whether we can enjoy sunshine or endure rain. Dr. John will show us that even the clouds and wind follow God’s direction. Providence means that all of creation, animate or inanimate, has a trajectory. Everything is moved by God towards His purposes.

God Rules the Nations

It’s a feat of management skill to get a family of 5 out the door on time. It’s another matter to control a large company or even a small country. But the Bible teaches that God rules over all people – all families, companies and countries — and all at the same time! Listen as Dr. John reviews the Scriptures that grant us confidence in the Headship of Jesus over this Earth.

God Rules All Human Lives

Are the conditions of our lives happenstance? Where we are born? How tall we are? Our mental, emotional and spiritual capacities? Dr. John demonstrates Biblically that our lives – and every aspect of them – are products of God’s providence. This message gives us cause for joy and gratitude over God’s care for each one of us.

God Rules Over Good and Evil

The wrongs of this life are obvious. Violence. Exploitation. Cruelty. Destruction. We see instances of evil daily. We are grieved, angered and confused. Why doesn’t God do something about this? Can God do something about this? Listen as Dr. John demonstrates that God’s rule over this earth includes His reign over the sins of this world. We can take hope that nothing will defeat God’s plan – not even sin.

Two Wills in God – A Little Exercise in Theology

There are things we want but cannot do. There are things we can do, but do not want. Is it the same for God? When we consider the sovereign rule of God over creation, we have to explore the nature of His will. Listen as Dr. John unfolds the Scriptures about the will of God in our world and in our lives.

But Are We Truly Free?

Inevitably, as we consider the providential rule of God over creation, we have to ask this question, “How does the rule of God intersect my own free choices? If I am free to make my own decisions, how is God in control?” Dr. John helps us understand the Biblical teaching of our free will. What are we free to do?

The Value of Prayer

What difference does a healthy biblical view of God’s providence make in every day life?” Dr. John asks and answers this pivotal question. We are reminded to live by faith in our sovereign God. The faith that makes a difference is faith that believes in God’s providence, trusts His wise governance, and then orders life in response to His purposes.


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