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God's Presence Among His People

There are people who believe that their well-being does not depend on God at all. They see His blessings but do not acknowledge their dependence. Believers may think they are immune to this forgetfulness, but experience suggests otherwise.

In this one-week series, “God’s Presence Among His People”, Dr. John Neufeld looks at the book of Haggai. The prophet spoke to a people who lived as if they could be independent from God. Their professions echoed the truth, but their practice was self-sufficient. Listen to this series and consider how we are to live for God and with God.

The Forgotten God

What’s a house without a family? The structure is there, but the purpose is missing. Today Dr. John begins a study of the book of Haggai. Jews have returned to Jerusalem after the 70-year captivity. The foundation of the temple was rebuilt – but then forgotten. Many tended to their own fields and homes but the presence of God was absent. The account of a people busy about their own concerns but negletful of God sound too current to ignore.

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If God is Not Among Us

Anyone taking notes from Haggai’s sermons would find a clear outline. Repeatedly the prophet commands that we, “Take a good hard look at ourselves!” Today Dr. John repeats four considerations from Haggai for personal reflection. Even today, the questions demand an honest answer from each of us.

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We are bombarded with words daily. In print, broadcast or social media, everyone has something to say. Eventually, we tune a deaf ear to the messages. God’s Word cannot be ignored. Dr. John reminds us of the power of God’s Voice. After the prophetic words of Haggai, revival breaks out and God’s people obey. God effects change through His Word.

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Don’t Underestimate

Confined by time and space, we are not very good at recognizing the importance of a moment, event, conversation or kindness. Any one of these can have powerful impact, but we fail to recognize it. Dr. John echoes Haggia’s encouragement to Israel. While the rebuilidng of the temple seemed small compared to Solomon’s temple, the glory of this structure would exceed the first. Jesus Himself would walk on those stones.

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Resting in God

The book of Haggai shows Israel, repenting and rebuilidng the temple of God. They have learned that disobedience harvests hardships. Obedience releases the blessings and presence of God. Dr. John points to a greater lesson in Haggai’s last sermon. While Israel is building a Temple, God is building a Kingdom – an unending, unshakeable Kingdom.

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