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God’s Man

Dr. John Neufeld’s one-week series God’s Man provides insight into the character and priorities of a godly man. Based on the life of Nehemiah we discover a man who’s confidence was found in his God and was willing to live out his unique calling with integrity and passion, despite resistance.

Finishing Well

By Dr. John Neufeld / December 8, 2017

Men of God, after all, are not noted for their accomplishments but they are noted as men who walk with God. That’s how they overcome discouragement and intimidation by others and a sense of aimlessness. It is this intimacy with God that drives them forward not a desire to make a name for themselves

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When Faithfulness Demands Perseverance

By Dr. John Neufeld / December 7, 2017

Can you believe that the greatest work you can ever undertake as a man is simply to submit to God’s call rather than a work in which the crowds shout your praises? For if you want significance in the eyes of men you are an idolater.

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Embarking on a Life of Purpose

By Dr. John Neufeld / December 6, 2017

A godly man will for the sake of Christ gladly abandon every earthly comfort take up his cross and follow his Lord unto death.

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The Masculine Need for Purpose & Vision

By Dr. John Neufeld / December 5, 2017

So what does it look like to be uniquely a man, to embrace God’s design and to use His design for His glory? Today we’ll continue to discover the answer as we look at the example of Nehemiah.

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God’s Goodness Expressed in Male & Females

By Dr. John Neufeld / December 4, 2017

I’m going to spend this series helping young boys and young men and perhaps older men as well celebrate godly manhood. In generations past, this would have been a very easy thing to do. We tended to know what godly and ungodly manhood was and wasn’t but today we have allowed those lines and those definitions to become blurred.

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