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God and the Problem With Evil

In Dr. John Neufeld’s 15-message series, God and the Problem With Evil, tough questions surrounding God’s role in pain and suffering are addressed. How is it possible that the Creator of the universe would allow us, His children, to suffer? The book of Habakkuk invites us to be both overwhelmed and filled with joy at the goodness, splendor, mercy, and majesty of God. Habakkuk invites us to worship in the midst of sorrow and pain. This is a series that answers questions that every believer needs to consider, and the answers we find may surprise us!

An Invitation to Life’s Great Questions

If God permits all suffering that occurs in this world, where does all of this lead us?

Habakkuk – The Man Who Saw Suffering

I have said that this book is an invitation to ask the big questions about life, about God and about the experiences of suffering. But we need to step back and answer the question: Just who was this man Habakkuk who invites us into these deep and complex questions?

Our Righteous God

God had made Habakkuk look at iniquity. OR it was God’s will that this man would do something that so many of us simply do not do, to pay attention to wickedness that the rest of us simply ignore. What Habakkuk saw and what he learned can help all of us understand the ways of God

The Fate of the Righteous

“How can God idly look on and remain silent while traitors to the glory of God swallow up nations that while they are wicked, are more righteous than the Babylonians” Pull your chair up and listen to the answer to Habakkuk’s questions.

Confidence in Our God

If anyone wants to be saved from the hour of judgment they will have to place their confidence, not in any other thing than this one fact. Christ in His death on the cross, has paid for the sins of all who trust in Him.

The Fall of Evil – Part 1

The deeper the evil the more glorious God will appear to redeemed humanity and the greater, more lasting and more profound will be our joy.

The Fall of Evil – Part 2

Genesis 9:6 says,“Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed, for God made man in his own image.” God demands an accounting for each life. You may get away with murder in human courts but not in God’s court. Those debts will be remembered and those debts are more than you want to pay

The Fall of Evil – Part 3

There are whole nations who tell themselves that God is on their side. It has never occurred to them that God is on His own side and that if they will not submit to Him and His righteousness, they have no hope.

A Glimpse of the Promised Land

“Habakkuk is standing before the Promised Land, and allowed to see it from a distance. Oh, I don’t mean he sees Israel, no he sees the New Jerusalem. He sees the day when Satan’s wicked kingdom of Babylon falls, and when God’s Kingdom vanquishes all evil.”


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