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Genesis: The Unseen Hand of God

Joseph’s life will teach us that everything that happens in our lives takes place within God’s providential care. Even the evil that we experience. We are cared for even when we might not feel like we are. God will direct our steps, and no evil event is beyond the hidden hand of a loving and gracious God.

In this 20-message series, Dr. John Neufeld examines the life of Joseph, who by all accounts did not have an easy life. But despite his trials, at the end of his life, Joseph was able to say that God intended all of it for good and with a greater purpose. By studying the life of Joseph, it becomes clear that we are under the protection of a loving and faithful God who has bigger things in store for us than we could ever imagine.

November 7, 2019

Genesis 46:1-25
The Bible is not a selection of stories about the people of faith. The Bible is one story. It is the story of the great and awesome God who has decided to redeem and save a chosen people.

November 8, 2019

Genesis: Genesis 46:26-34
I have always loved completing a project. Yes, it is a great deal of fun to start a new project. But completion, that brings a satisfaction that just can’t be beat!

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