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Family of Influence

A one-week series on providing a biblical foundation for the family. Dr. Neufeld highlights 4 biblical truths in regards to gender, the value of marriage, the value of children and ethical sexuality. Designed to help believers understand and navigate these critical issues of our day, and hopefully inspire parents and churches alike to disciple their children in these foundational biblical truths.

God and Gender

I see no advantage in trying to establish laws seeking to re-establish the traditional view of marriage. I see every advantage in helping the church to live in an authentic way. And one of the places we must start is in re-teaching the value of marriage and family.

Marriage and Covenant

Marriage was created before there was a state and it was created before the rules of worship were ever instituted. Marriage is fundamental to human life. Indeed the state and the temple are dependent on marriage.

Marriage and Family

God created godly men and women so that Christian men and women would live their lives in the context of marriage. From marriage would come families and in the context of families would come the heritage of the faith to the next generation.

Sexual Morality and the Family

The fire place boundary that God placed around sex is called marriage. When the fire escapes those boundaries it can light a forest on fire, destroying not only individuals but burning an entire civilization to the ground.

Gender and Submission to God’s Will

I want you to think of your gender as a precious gift given to you from your creator who in wisdom assigned your gender and with it gave you a task.


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