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Faith That Works

A study of Christian wisdom. How can we as believers live in such a way that the ethics and lifestyle of the kingdom pervades our lives? We ’ll discuss how we can thrive in the midst of trials, the importance of how we speak about others and how we should treat the poor.
A four-week series.

Marks of Living and Dead Faith

Genuine faith is manifest beyond our confessions – it is seen in our deeds. Consider the marks of real faith from James’ teaching.

The Power of the Tongue

Ship rudders. Horses’ bit. Human tongues. Singular items that have dramatic effect and powerful impact.

Taming the Tongue

Listen to James’ teaching on the wildness of our speech. Dog’s can be trained but tongues can’t! But even an untamed tongue will be righteous when the heart is pure.

The Tale of Two Wisdoms

How can you tell if something is wise or not? James points to the qualities of God’s wisdom and the destrcution that results from human plans – even if they sound smart.

The Devastation of Earthly Wisdom

If you rely on the kind of wisdom whose origins come from our world and culture, then devastation will follow.

Winning the War Within and Without

James makes it clear that many quarrels come about because Christian people are not learning wisdom from God. Instead they have never let go of the wisdom of this world.

Pride and Humility

Pride tells us that we are in control of our own lives. Humility recognizes the need for grace. The good news is that God gives grace to the humble.

Warning to the Rich

We think that being rich is the optimum life! James warns us of the dangers of wealth.

Faithful until the End

Endurance is not the same thing as patience. We may endure with angry or bitter spirits. James call us to patience which blossoms into faithfulness.


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