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Faith That Works

A study of Christian wisdom. How can we as believers live in such a way that the ethics and lifestyle of the kingdom pervades our lives? We ’ll discuss how we can thrive in the midst of trials, the importance of how we speak about others and how we should treat the poor.
A four-week series.

Wisdom for God’s People

Do you have people in your family who have not yet come to faith? Jesus did! At first His own siblings did not believe in Him. Today we hear from Dr. John about the story of James, the borther of Jesus, leader of Jerusalem church and author of this book of wisdom.

Count It All Joy

When James speaks of joy, it has both a present and future perspective. That means we can smile at what God is now doing and what He has in store for us all.

Persistent Endurance

Those who fix their eyes on the eternal rewards  are strengthed for persistent endurance. The prize is worth the patience.

Good Gifts

God only gives what is good. We may not easily recognize goodnss in each gift but we live with this confidence – the goodness of God does not change. We experience grace every day.

Hearing the Word

To listen well is a life skill. It is also a skill to develop with God. James teaches us how to hear God well. It is a lesson of the heart, not just our ears.

Doing the Word

Have you ever forgotten what you looked like? James point to that danger if we hear God’s Word but do not obey it. We develop forgetful souls – not knowing who they are.

Genuine Faith and the Poor

God doesn’t play favourites – but we do. James call us to a practice of faith which embraces the all people – regardless of external appearances.

Genuine Faith Loves Genuinely

Faith that Works:Genuine Faith Loves Genuinely  James 2:8-13 When a window breaks, it breaks all the way. The whole is distorted by even a minor fracture. That is true of…

Faith and Works

What is the relationship between our faith and our works? Are these in polarized tension? James says, “No.” Faith and works pull in the same direction.


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