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Faith and What We Hope For

Every hope has a foundation. It rests on a reason. It may be a personal wish, a guarantee from someone we love, or a fanciful notion. Every hope is only as sure as its foundation. In this 5-message series from Hebrews 11, Dr. John Neufeld urges us to ask the question, “In what, and in whom am I placing my trust?” Dr. John reminds us that our hopes are bigger than our own imaginations and more secure than our best intentions. Our hopes are rooted in the promise, power and purity of God.

What We Are Hoping For

So, what is faith? Is it having all of our questions answered? Is it goosebump excitement before a trip of a lifetime? Is it an attitude of confidence? Dr. John points to Hebrews 11 and teaches on the nature of faith. While faith may have elements of all these things, it is deeper and more powerful than them all. Listen to this message of hope and allow it to nurture your own life of faith.

Pleasing God

What does it mean to live by faith? It has to do with consistency, perseverence, and following God. But it is more. Dr. John reminds us in this message that faith requires that we live our lives by what is unseen. Men and women of faith believe and obey what God has said. They trust His Word over their own five senses. While our world may be confused by such a lifestyle, God sees such a life and is pleased.

Christian Pilgrim

The word “Pilgrim” may sound old fashioned to some, but it is an apt description of the Christian life. It is the image you see portrayed in Hebrews 11 – those who are seeking a heavenly home. Dr. John cautions us in this message. We are prone to be settlers who sink roots into this world. Instead, we are to be pilgrims, passing though this life into eternity. The spiritual life is a journey, not just to Heaven, but to God.

The Faith of Moses

Hebrews 11 gives a record of people of faith. While their lives might seem beyond our grasp, the faith they exercised is within our grasp. In this message, Dr. John uses the life of Moses as education for our faith. We will find that faith recognizes the plans of God for us. Faith is willing to embrace the cost for the greater advantages granted by grace.

The Race of a Lifetime

Our pilgrim jouney is not a sprint. Finishing our race well takes endurance and a sustained effort. Listen as Dr. John describes the qualities of a race of fatih. We can be encouraged by those who have gone before us. We must set aside that which weighs us down. Most of all, we laser our focus on Jesus who stands before us.


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