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Faith and What We Hope For

Everyone has hopes and dreams. The question is not if you have hopes and dreams, but rather what are those hopes and dreams rooted in. Have you placed your faith in things of this earth? Things that will pass away in 5, 10, or 50 years? Or, have you put your faith and trust in the one thing that will never pass away—the promises of our Saviour. In this 5-message series, Dr. John Neufeld urges us to ask the question, “In what, and in whom am I placing my trust?”

December 30, 2019

Faith and What We Hope For
Everyone has hopes and dreams for a new year. Of course, there are the obligatory resolutions. I am going to take out a membership in the gym, lose 25 pounds, and watch what I eat…

December 31, 2019

Faith and What We Hope For
I know many Christians approach a new year with a very different set of resolutions than non-Christians. Rather than limiting ourselves to what we would like to accomplish, many Christians, when either thinking about the past or thinking about the future, will include some of the sins which have burdened their souls.

January 2, 2020

Faith and What We Hope For
Kathy and I, in times past, have spent time in Egypt tramping through the ruins of pyramids, ancient temples to Egyptian gods and goddesses, wandering through the valley of the kings where so many of the Egyptian Pharaoh’s mummies were found.

January 3, 2020

Faith and What We Hope For
Do you like the Olympics? Some do and some don’t. I do, on occasion. Especially around long-distance races where the drama can drag out.

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