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Easter According to the Gospel of John

Most churches spend a whole month focused on the birth of Jesus, while the celebration and reverence for the Passion and Resurrection are comparatively minor. In this new 4-week series, Dr. John Neufeld explores the Apostle John’s Gospel account of Easter to recapture the importance of these events and fix our eyes on Christ and His sufferings for us.

Suffering and Vindication

The crucifixion of Jesus is bloody, gory, brutal, and ugly, so we often look away to the truth of our salvation through it. In this introductory episode, Dr. John outlines this new Easter series and what we can learn from Christ’s suffering.

Authority and Suffering

Jesus had the ultimate authority, power, and control, but what did He use it for? Today Dr. John teaches on the great authority of Christ in the story of his arrest and what his actions mean for believers.

That One Should Die For All

Is the New Testament antisemitic? The Jewish leaders led the execution of Christ, but as in the Old Testament, all people can identify with God’s chosen ones who, though enemies of God, are offered forgiveness through the blood of the Lamb.

Courage and Cowardice

Why do we sin and reject our Saviour? Peter was so confident that he would always remain faithful to Jesus, but when the fear and pressures of the world came, he forgot who he was and failed.

What is Truth?

Pontius Pilate was like many in our world today: he was a cynic who rejected the notion of truth. Continuing in our Easter series, Dr. John speaks about the meeting and interaction between Pilate and Jesus.

Behold the Man

Jesus “suffered under Pontius Pilate”, says the Apostles’ Creed, but why is this so important? Today Dr. John leads us in beholding both the horrors and the majesty of the Man of God, who suffered for us.

Behold Your King

Today we continue examining the interactions between Pilate and Jesus in the Gospel of John. Despite all the evil of Pilate and the Jewish leaders, we see the ultimate authority and sovereignty of God alone.

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