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Defending the Faith

When we enter into spiritual conversations with non-believers, all kinds of questions can arise. Often Christians are asked hard questions; questions that take some insight, thought, and time to answer. In this 3-week series, Dr. Neufeld offers practical and biblical insight into learning how to defend your faith. This series will help believers address the sincere questions that can be obstacles to faith.

Obliged to Defend the Faith

1 Peter 1-3 In our witness, we focus on the central question of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Of course, that is central to the gospel. Dr. John reminds us to address other questions even before the matter of faith. There is debris that needs to be cleared to offer an unobstructed path to faith in Jesus.

Requirements of Defending the Faith

1 Peter 3:13-17 Apologetics is the field of theology which offers a defence of the gospel. Dr. John reminds us from 1 Peter that the first best defence is not an argument, but a Christian life that is grace filled, gentle and courageous.

It’s About Jesus

2 Corinthians 11:3-4 Often in our defense of the gospel, we wind up defending the wrong things. We argue for the church, denominations, church history or personal lifestyle. But we ought to be speaking about Jesus. In today’s message, Dr. John looks at 7 mistakes about Jesus that are common in our day.

Can I Know Who Jesus Was?

2 Peter 1:16-21 Fisherman have the reputation for exaggerated stories. Minnows can become whales! Is that what happened to the story of Jesus? Are the Gospels exaggerated accounts? Today Dr. John reminds us that the historical Jesus and the Biblical Jesus are the same. Disbelief and skepticism are often rooted in personal bias and agenda.

Can I Trust My Bible About Jesus?

2 Peter 1:16 The story of Jesus is rooted in the four Gospels. So naturally one has to ask, “How reliable are the Four Gospels?” Can we trust the written record of Jesus? Today Dr. John walks us through 6 reasons to trust the reliability of the Gospels. The six reasons do not autimatically lead to faith, but they demonstrate that the record of Jesus is a reliable foundation to stand upon.

Science and Faith (Part 1)

It’s been said that God has written two books. The voice of Scripture and the voice of creation. Both declare the glory of God and do not contradict. Dr. John today points to the example of Galileo to demonstrate that the tension between science and faith is only perceived, not actual.

Science and Faith (Part 2)

Everyone has a world view; a lens through which they observe and interpret life. The theologian sees Creation with a Creator. The scientist sees creation without one. Today Dr. John speaks to the differing perspctives and points to the central issue. “In the beginning, God created…”

Understanding Your Worldview

A world view is a set of assumptions one makes about life. They make be reasoned or simply absorbed. Everyone has to examine their beliefs and the reasons for them. Today Dr. John walks us through 7 questions every world view must answer.

Have Religions Fueled War?

Christianity has been accused as being a violent faith. There is reason for the criticism. Today Dr. John answers those accusations. We find that the cause of conflict is not Christianity but the broken souls of men. Jesus offers the grace of peace and blesses those who do likewise.


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