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Christ Came In

Christ Came In

A special collection of Dr. Neufeld’s messages on Christ’s coming and His return.

Signs of His Coming

By Dr. John Neufeld / December 28, 2018

When He comes it will not be secret or private but that His coming will be witnessed by the earth.

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The Triumph of the Son of Man

By Dr. John Neufeld / December 27, 2018

God gives Daniel a picture of just what He has done and is about to do in history. Indeed, this passage reiterates an important truth: God ultimately controls the saga of human history.

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Awaiting the Return of Christ

By Dr. John Neufeld / December 26, 2018

We’re looking forward to the consummation of Jesus and we should live with expectation and hope.

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Why a Manger?

By Dr. John Neufeld / December 25, 2018

Why was Jesus placed into a stone feeding trough? Is it just to show the humility of the Son of God? Certainly, it does.

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Why Bethlehem?

By Dr. John Neufeld / December 24, 2018

Micah would forever put Bethlehem on the map. What he said would transform that sleepy little village to the place in the earth that had the greatest hope that mankind had

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