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Celebration of Marriage

The covenant of marriage is like no other. God had a holy relationship and purpose in mind. Discover the covenant and intimacy of marriage along with the very practical building blocks of marriage. Dr. Neufeld teaches from the Word and hosts three biblically insightful interviews with special guests regarding preparing, fortifying and redeeming marriages today. A one-week series.

Celebration of Covenant

We need to recapture in the church the sanctity of marriage, the honour of marriage and we need to set marriage in the place where our creator placed it

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An Interview with Isaac and Brittney Dagneau

An interview on preparing for marriage with recently married couple Isaac and Brittney Dagneau

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An Interview with Neil and Sharol Josephson

An interview on marriage and relationships with the directors of Family Life Canada, Neil and Sharol Josephson

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An Interview with Kevin and Dawn Bralovich

An interview with Kevin and Dawn Bralovich on restoring your marriage.

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Celebration of Intimacy

Romantic love requires two things. It requires marriage and it requires a lifetime.

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