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The faith of Abraham is the basis for our faith today. To study Abraham is to study the life of faith. James refers to Abraham as “God’s friend”, a title used of no one else in Scripture. In this four – week series, Dr. Neufeld unpacks the significance of Abraham’s life of faith and its importance in laying a foundation for God’s people to follow.

The Mark of the Covenant

Very early in church history, believers had to recognize what the mark of Christianity was. As the gospel spread beyond the country and culture of israel, the church debated what the identification of God promise was. Dr. John teaches that the mark of the gospel was faith. Faith was and is the sign of God’s covenant.

God of the Impossible

Faith in God does not reach just to the probable or possible. We do that when exercising trust in one another: but with God, our faith reaches to the impossible. Today Dr. John teaches on the impossible wonder God performed for Abraham. Abraham believed that God would do what He promised. So when we trust God for more than the possible in our lives, we exercise faith like Abraham.


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