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The faith of Abraham is the basis for our faith today. To study Abraham is to study the life of faith. James refers to Abraham as “God’s friend”, a title used of no one else in Scripture. In this four – week series, Dr. Neufeld unpacks the significance of Abraham’s life of faith and its importance in laying a foundation for God’s people to follow.

Submitting to our Great High Priest

It’s been suggested that we learn who we truly are by losing. But winning will also reveal our default nature. Dr. John teaches today about Abraham’s response after a victorius battle. He honours Melchizadek but refuses to honour the King of Sodom. Listen and understand the difference.

Can God Be Trusted?

Can God be trusted? If you are a Christian, you feel obligated to answer “Yes.” But don’t ask the question intellectually. Examine the practical, experiencial faith of the heart in your daily routine. Are we trusting God moment by moment? He is worthy of our faith.

The God of Covenant

The most high God gives to Abram an image he will never forget. It is an emblem of assurance on which to found his faith. God signs a contract that He will keep His word.

Learning to Trust

Coming to God is an exchange of what we could never do, for what He has done. He did it all and we are invited to believe. And so we learn to surrender to Christ by faith, trusting in His power and His power alone.

The Slave Woman’s Son

We are to abandon any confidence in our presumed abilities. Each day we renew our commitment to trust in the promise and power of God. In the tension between Ishmael and Isaac, between what we can do and what God promises – trust the Words of God.

Sin and Its Consequences

All human actions have consequences. We assume that we can predict and control what those will be. But any action outside of the will of God prodiuces effects beyond our control and our wishes. Sin reaps judgement and death.

The Mystery of Redemption

We rarely have trouble with God’s grace. In fact, it is our hope and prayer. God’s grace only becomes a problem when it extends to people we think don’t deserve it. Today Dr. John teaches on the favour of God towards Hagar and Ishmael. We expect the blessing of God upon Sarah and Isaac, but God’s favour flows beyond our expectations.

God’s Name

Bestowing a name upon an infant is an act of promise. It becomes their identity we trust they will grow in to. We want “Faith” to become faithful or “Hunter” to explore the fullness of life. Dr. John teaches today on the names of God revealed to Abraham. The names are promises, not of what God will become, but of who God is.

God Names Us

It is one thing to change your own name out of preference. It is another thing to have someone else change our name. Now the change has meaning. God changed Abram’s name ro Abraham. Dr. John teaches us today that the new name was a reference point for Abraham. It would always remind him of God’s promise.


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