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The faith of Abraham is the basis for our faith today. To study Abraham is to study the life of faith. James refers to Abraham as “God’s friend”, a title used of no one else in Scripture. In this four – week series, Dr. Neufeld unpacks the significance of Abraham’s life of faith and its importance in laying a foundation for God’s people to follow.

Abraham and the Christian Faith

Abraham is spoken of as the “father of faith.” He does not generate faith but is a template for all of us. Therefore, one can never fully understand Abraham without seeing him not only encountering the gospel, but encountering Jesus Himself.

Learning to Trust God

Genesis is more than the beginning of time and space. It holds the beginning of faith’s story, as exemplified by Abraham. The story of Abraham is at the front of the Scriptures and sets the stage for the entire Bible.

Abandon Everything

Abraham is a story of belief in God – but it is a sacrificial faith. The gospel is free, but invites us to consider the cost. So like Abraham, let us count on God and His promises as more precious than any thing of this world.

Gaining Everything

It’s been quoted that, “no man is a fool who gives up what he cannot hold, to gain what he cannot lose.” In the promises that come to us in Christ, we have lost nothing and gained everything.

Journeying to the Promised Land

Abraham was a pilgrim looking for a city whose founder and maker is God. So we, like our father in the faith, are sojourners on this earth. We can trust the leading of God to take us all the way home to dwell with our Lord forever.

Diverting to Egypt

Throughout our spiritual journey, we often weave around obstacles of our own making. Abraham is on a pilgrimage to the land of promise – but he gets sidetracked in Egypt. Today Dr. John teaches that our lack of faith in God’s promises leads to problems we try to fix on our own. We don’t need man-made solutions to man-made problems. We need the grace of God.

Finding Confidence in God’s Promises

Seeing the unseen promises of God leaves us living at peace as far as it is possible.

Lift Up Your Eyes and Look

Self defence is more than a physical response. We also defend our reputations, time, possessions and perceived rights. If any of these are infringed upon, we fight for our rights. Dr. John holds Abraham before us as a peacemaker. Abraham trusted in God’s protection and provision. What about you?

Righteousness or Personal Advantage

Doing what is right is especially challenging when we think we might benefit by doing what is wrong. Today Dr. John teaches that when Lot was captured in battle, it wouldn’t be the worst thing for Abraham’s flocks and pastures. Pressed between what is right or what is beneficial, what would Abraham do?


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