In spite of its brevity, 3 John provides us with a portrait of what faithful Christians in the early church did when it came to living a life of faith. It is a reference point of what a life of faithfulness should look like—even if we don’t work in full-time ministry. It’s amazing what God can do when we allow ourselves to be taught by His Word!

A characteristic of a faithful Christian is someone who fully trusts God with their life without wavering, but what else does faithfulness entail? Does living a life of faith stop inside of us, or is faithfulness a quality that others can see from the outside?

God’s People at Peace

By | Aug 2, 2019|Message|
3 John 11-14
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The Man Who Loved to Be First

By | Aug 1, 2019|Message|
3 John 9-10
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God’s Often Unnoticed People

By | Jul 31, 2019|Message|
3 John 1-8
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Does God Promise Health and Wealth?

By | Jul 30, 2019|Message|
3 John 2
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A Portrait of Christian Faithfulness

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3 John
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