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A Firm Grip on the Gospel

A Firm Grip on the Gospel: Anyone who has read the four Gospels is struck by how different they are. These accounts focus on the life and death of Jesus, yet they each have a particular theme and emphasis. In this four-week series, Dr. John Neufeld points us to the Gospel of Luke and traces the intent of the only Gentile writer of a New Testament book.

Gaining Certainty

The rise of social media has given rise to suspicion as well. We read something online and wonder if we can trust it as credible. If that applies to things current, can we trust something written 2000 years ago? Dr. John begins this series on Luke’s gospel with reasons why we can stand on what was written. Every believer needs to know the certainty of what they believe.

The Divine Must

As a rule, the Scriptures do not satisfy our curiosity. We have more questions than God gives answers. The childhood of Jesus is one area of interest that is met with silence – except for Luke. He is the only gospel writer that speaks of Jesus in His youth. Listen as Dr. John teaches on the single incident of Jesus’ boyhood which demonstrates His lifelong commitment.

Preparing the Way

Dough must rise before the bread is baked. The ground is plowed before a planting. Fruit must ripen to be enjoyed. The idea of preparation is all around us. So too for the arrival of Jesus. Israel had to be prepared for the arrival of the Messiah. That preparation was the work of John the Baptist. Listen as Dr. John teaches on the timing, nature, and content of John’s message. It was time for Israel to get ready.

What Shall We Do?

When lost, the first step is to stop going the wrong way. But the next step is even more vital to reaching our destination. We need to start going the right way. As John the Baptist came to prepare the way for Jesus, he preached a message of repentance. Today Dr. John reminds us that John’s message was more than, “Stop!” It was also a time to “Start!” Listen to the new way of life that accords with repentance.

From Obscurity to Prominence

Various companies make it possible to trace your lineage back to your ancestors via DNA. While the technology is new, the idea is not. Israel excelled at naming and tracing ancestors. Dr. John teaches on the lineage of Jesus given to us from Luke. He explains why it is different from Mathew’s recorded lineage and highlights the importance of those differences. There is a message among the names.

The Temptation of Jesus

Every one of us knows the lure of temptation. It may be pride, greed, lust or self-centeredness that whispers to us; we all have heard it. Jesus was not immune to temptation, but faced this battle even as we do. Today Dr. John teaches on the three named temptations of Christ. Listen, not simply for a pattern for our own resistance to temptation, but to marvel and glory in our deliverance through the righteous life of our Saviour.

Rejected by His Own

A war hero would like to think that his hometown would welcome him with open arms. Someone who has reached a level of celebrity hopes that those who know him or her would be glad for their notoriety. What if it doesn’t happen? Today Dr. John points to the reception Jesus had in the town of Nazareth, His hometown. Listen to Jesus’ response and the lesson for us all.


A policeman wears a badge and that gives him authority. A scholar is an expert in a certain field and that grants her authority. Parents have authority over their young children. Dr. John teaches from Luke on the authority of Jesus Christ proved by His words and works. Jesus has the authority of the Law, Wisdom, and Love. He has the authority of God Himself.

About His Father’s Business

In Capernaum, Jesus found a broad reception. People came to hear His words. Many came to be healed, and Jesus tended to them all night long. Capernaum could have become a major center for Jesus’ ministry, except for one thing. Jesus said He had to leave the town. Listen as Dr. John explains the motivation of Jesus’ heart. In all things, Jesus fulfilled the wishes of His Father.


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