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A Desert Experience

In family, marriage or even road trip companions, if you are going to spend time together, you want to learn how to get along. In this series of messages, Dr. John focuses on Israel’s experience between the Red Sea and Mt. Sinai. They have been delivered by God and now must learn how to follow, trust and obey God in their midst. The wilderness provided a school for “God-followers” that each of us can learn from.

We Have Seen His Glory

The word “glory” seems too small. The five letters can’t convey the vast power and overwhelming presence of God. In grace, God veils His being through nature and ultimately in Jesus. Today Dr. John speaks of a time when God lifted the curtain, just a little. Even with that, Israel was struck by fear and awe. The glory of God’s presence is His to grant and is received only under His conditions.

No Other Gods

Today Dr. John begins to teach on the Decaloge – the Ten Commandments. At the very start, we learn of the exclusive primacy of worshipping God and the manner of worship obliged to Him. The first two commands are grounded in this biblical truth – God has made us; we do not fashion God.

Honour God With Your Life

Righteousness speaks to the large matters of life, but also to that which seems small. Today Dr. John teaches on the 3rd and 4th commandments. We will see that the way we speak of God and treat the Lord’s Day are matters of righteousness. Our speech and use of time reflect God’s Holiness. They are matters of holiness for us as well.

Loving Others, Honour Your Mother and Father

Holiness is to guide and shape our relationships; in family, society and marriage. Today Dr. John speaks of the 5th, 6th and 7th commandments. To honour our parents, the life of our neighbour and our marital commitments – these daily obligations are reflections of the righteousness of God. Obedience is a loving response to the values of the life God has created.

Loving Others, Respecting Your Neighbour

Relationships function in a context of trust. That’s true in family and society. Today Dr. John looks at the last three comandments. Trust should guard our possessions. Do not steal. Our words to each other must be trustworthy. Do not lie. Respect for one another means we do not covet. The Ten Commandments of God speak to our actions and heart intent.

Consuming Fire

Many enjoy sitting around a campfire. It is warm and comforting. It’s an entirely different experience to face a raging forest fire. It is justly frightening. Today Dr. John speaks of Israel frightened by the God they follow. His glory and power were overwhelming. It is a necessary reminder that God cannot be confined for our comfort or pleasure. To see Him as He is leads to a fear of sinning. Fear that leads to life.


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