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A Desert Experience

In family, marriage or even road trip companions, if you are going to spend time together, you want to learn how to get along. In this series of messages, Dr. John focuses on Israel’s experience between the Red Sea and Mt. Sinai. They have been delivered by God and now must learn how to follow, trust and obey God in their midst. The wilderness provided a school for “God-followers” that each of us can learn from.

A Song of Freedom

After crossing the Red Sea in God’s victory, Israel was taught a song. It was a song of praise and celebration written by Moses. In this message, Dr. John presents the lyric as an anthem for Israel. It is a song that not only reminds them of God’s power, but shapes their identity as God’s people.

Saved, Restored, Move On!

If we forget the past, we impoverish the present and erode the foundation for our future. In today’s message, Dr. John teaches that the anthem of Israel not only recalls the victory of the Red Sea, but points to what God will do for His people. A song of the present, which points to the future by remembering the past.

Can You Trust God?

Hoarding is the practice of clinging to things now in case we need them for the future. While it may seem wise when it comes to food pantries or bank accounts, it won’t work for faith. In today’s message, Dr. John teaches on daily trust. Israel was to learn that yesterday’s confidence can’t be stored for tomorrow’s need. We live by faith and have to do it every day.

Where Faith Fails

Israel’s work ethic was shaped by Egyptian slavery. A day off was unimagined. Now God was going to teach them to rest. In today’s sermon, we see God use manna as a tool of instruction. He would provide food for Israel every morning, except the Sabbath. The people would learn to take a Sabbath rest and suffer no loss. God was their sustenance and they were supplied through their obedience. Lessons still true for us today.

Even in Desperation, Trust

Israel’s wilderness journey was a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs. The repeated evidences of God’s care were peaks, impossible to deny. But the complaints and grumblings were lowpoints of trust. Today Dr. John teaches of a thirsty nation turning against Moses and challenging God Himself. They dared God and tested Him out of anger and doubt. By grace, God reveals Himself mighty and merciful, but He need never prove Himself to any man.

The Battle Is His!

Fortunate are those who have never experienced war. But for those that have, the first battle would be unforgettable. Dr. John teaches on Israel’s first military engagement. A nation used to slavery would have to learn how to fight for their freedom. The first lesson was clear. Israel could not trust in their might, numbers or experience. The battle is the Lord’s to win.

The Conversion of a Pagan

Most families are a mixture of believers and non-believers. So a spouse may be instrumental in the conversion of their spouse. So too, parents are instrumental for their children. Today Dr. John teaches of the conversion to faith of Jethro, Moses’ father-in-law. As daunting as it may seem, family is often the seed bed of faith.

Law and Order

Traffic laws make bad drivers better and regulate those with bad intent. Few would want to drive on roads with no rules. Moses was teaching and enforcing the regulations of God – and he was being overwhelmed. Dr. John points to the wise counsel of Jethro that ensures the welfare of Moses and the people. Simply put – good laws need good leaders.

No Nation Like Israel

To be chosen is a privilege. It speaks of honour but is not void of responsibility. Even a chosen beauty queen has a calling to fulfill! Today Dr. John speaks of the unique place of Israel – chosen of God. But that act of God’s grace compels a response from Israel. Today, as chosen people, what is God calling us to be and do?


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