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Prayer is simple enough for a child to learn, yet so profound that it holds mystery for the mature. Today Dr. John begins to teach on the nature of prayer – its necessity, effect and means. Everyone who prays and who wants to pray will benefit from this teaching.


Does God Allow Suffering

The problem of suffering is universal and the problem is twofold. First, we have the fact of physical and emotional pain which is universal. Second, we face this reality knowing that God is good. How can these things go together? Dr. John explores the Scriptures to give us insight to the ways of God.


His Story and Ours

The story of Jesus’ birth is the pivot of God’s larger story. The Bethlehem story is not God’s full story. To understand the fuller narrative of God, we need to consider the complete Scriptural text. In this message, Dr. John reminds us that the story from God begins in Genesis, is reflected in Israel’s history and heard through prophetic promises of the Messiah. All of these threads are woven together at Christmas. Most of all, we see that our smaller individual stories are repaired, restored, and resolved in the great story of God.


Christmas From The Beginning of Time

We shouldn’t be satisfied with only half of a good story. And yet with Christmas, that is what most of us do. We enter the story of Jesus without much consideration of the story God has already spoken. We begin at Bethlehem, but God’s story about Jesus begins much earlier. In today’s message, Dr. John reminds and instructs us about the Old Testament being all about Jesus. Genesis to Malichi is God’s story to us about the Saviour to come. As Christmas approaches, let’s consider the whole narrative of Jesus.


The Security of the Believer

We know that victory is assured by Jesus in the conflict between light and darkness – but the battle rages. We know that beleivers are not immune to the pains of this warfare. But what of our soul? Can a Christian be lost in spiritual battle? In this message Dr. John assures believers of their security in Christ. The grip of Christ upoon us is unbreakable. We may plunder the Devil’s realm, but he is powerless to raid the Kingdom of Light.


From the Cross to the World

The gospel writers present a powerful and compelling case that Jesus really is the Christ and the fulfillment of the covenants yet for all 4 of them, everything in the story, is leading to one central focal point. They are leading us to the cross and to the empty tomb.


Jesus and the Coming of the Kingdom

The 2nd testament, as it were, lifts the veil and reveals to us the identity of the Christ, or the Messiah King. He is Jesus of Nazareth and what occurred in His life and ministry is the most breathtaking conclusion to a story that already fascinated us.


Mary: And the Glory of God

Great Men and Women of Faith by Dr. John Neufeld - Back to the Bible Canada

Since so little seems to be said about Mary what lessons of faith can be learned from her? Well hang on, because I think there is much we can learn from this remarkable woman. A woman the Bible calls the most favored of all women.


More Wisdom on Money

So how is wisdom related to money? Listen to Proverbs 3:9-10. “Honor the LORD with your wealth and with the firstfruits of all your produce; then your barns will be filled with plenty, and your vats will be bursting with wine.



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