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The Good Life

Our culture hates rules, but the Bible claims that good laws bring life. It would be the good life if we all loved God and each other in action, but how do we do it? In Christ, the law still matters, we just know it can’t save us.


No Other Gods

The Ten Commandments are the basis for the Law of God. What are God’s holy demands of us? What should we do if we have violated His demands? In this 15-message series, Dr. Neufeld unpacks God’s commandments to His people and helps us see why they always lead us back to the place of the cross.


The Clarity of the Bible

Celebrating the Word

You always know that you have been under a good Bible teacher when you open your Bible and read the very word they preached on study it again for yourself and say, ‘I now understand this passage much more clearly.’


Hell and Christian Motivation

What role does the doctrine of hell play in Christian motivation? If one preaches on hell does it lead to a great many converts? Jonathan Edwards’ famous sermon did not lead to converts at least as far as we know.



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