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Living the Life of Faith

Too many think of faith like a driver’s license. They have passed the test and answered all the questions right – and now they head out to drive on their own. Today Dr. John reminds us that the way we entered this spiritual life is the way we must live it.


Can Christians Be Demon Possessed?

We can make too much of the Devil. By doing so, we inflate Satan and can be wrapped in fear and worry. In this message Dr. John teaches that it is not possible for a believer to be possessed by Satan. We may be vulnerable to the Devil’s exploitation of our sins, but there is good news. Satan will run from those who surrender to God.


Understanding Angels – Part 1

Any discussion of the spirit world has to account for angels. In our culture, they are reduced to harmless chubby-cheeked cherubs which hang on Christmas trees. The Bible presents a different picture. In this second message, Dr. John focuses on the nature of angels. What are they and where do they come from? Set the childhood images aside and consider what powerful creatures God has made them to be.


The Bible and Jesus

Powered by RedCircle A Mission for Ministry – The Bible and Jesus: Colossians 1:15-20 We live in a time when many people argue that it is naive to trust the Bible. Join…


The Victory of the Cross

Easter - Its Purpose and Promise

Powered by RedCircle Dr. John Neufeld continues his practical look into Easter, focusing on the necessity and practicality of Jesus’ resurrection. Join Dr. Neufeld as he unpacks our undeniable need…



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