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One Church for One World

In today’s message, Dr. John teaches that since the Church is the Body of Christ, it is the visible representation of Jesus on earth. Therefore, the Church has a physical presence with a street address and a presence in heaven as well. Dr. John teaches on the invisible, universal Church which is one in Christ, holy through the Spirit, inclusive of all who have faith in Jesus and commissioned with purpose by the Father.


Will I Fall Away?

We can trip over a curb or broken pavement in the sidewalk. We may fall but then rise to continue our journey. In today’s message, Dr. John echoes Jesus’ words to the disciples. “You all will fall.” They all protested, but every one of them fell. Of the 12, eleven repented and rose to continue their journey of faith. We are foolish to think we can predict our response to a crisis of faith. We lean closely upon the grace of our Lord.


Jesus, God and Saviour

At times, we speak of the deity of Jesus as a way to make a point. We bear witness to others that Jesus is God, so we point to the Scriptures. Dr. John reminds us today from Hebrews that the deity of Jesus is more than an apologetic. It is the hope and comfort for us all in the midst of trial and persecutions.


Finding Joy While Facing Trouble

Psalm 90 ends with five prayers for those who have squarely faced the trouble of life and have found God. Each of these prayers arise out of faith, out of the joyous discovery that trouble is not the last word; instead trouble has been the pathway of discovering God.


Facing the Reality of Our Sins

In in this portion of scripture we will see Moses reflect on sin, the anger of God and the trouble that we all face.In in this portion of scripture we will see Moses reflect on sin, the anger of God and the trouble that we all face.


Facing the Brevity of Life

Psalm 90 teaches us how to pray, how to come to terms with our sins and how to come to terms with an altogether righteous God. It comes with a request that God would favour us all the days of our lives, but what’s even more significant, it contains a great note of happiness.



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