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Faithful Until Death

And the end of John 6, we see many followers deserting Jesus. They could not accept His words nor surrender to His teaching. In their disagreement, they abandoned Jesus. Jesus did not change His words nor compromise to keep them. He does not yield to their expectations. We yield to Him. In our surrender we find the truth, as Peter confessed, “Jesus has the Words of life!”


Why Jesus Will Always Be Offensive

The “Jesus” of our making is comforting and soothing. He nurtures our preferences and accepts our faults. But the Jesus of the Scriptures has always found opposition. Our culture (and every culture before us) has scorned Jesus because He doesn’t fit our wishes or intentions. Listen as Dr. John itemizes the reasons for public offense. Nothing proves more offensive than the cross – the very means of deliverance and life.


The Atoning Work of Jesus

In John chapter 6, we find phrases from Jesus that have caused confusion and controversy. Jesus speaks of “eating His flesh and drinking His blood.” When the crowds heard it, some were offended. What did Jesus mean? Today Dr. John explains the teaching of Jesus and points us to our unshakeable hope – the atoning work of Jesus for our sins.


Desiring the Bread of Life

It is common for people to consider Jesus with certain expectations in mind. But when what they have in mind doesn’t match what Jesus says or does – they think the problem is with Him! They walk from faith feeling disappointed. Today we are reminded by Jesus that who He is exceeds any expectation we could have. Jesus is never less, always more.


Soul Food that Satisfies

How much money is enough? The cliched answer is “More!” More is the same expectation we have for love, hope, joy and peace. We are driven by seeking satisfaction in all our wants. That’s not wrong, but often misplaced. Our sin is trying to find meaning and fulfillment in things, activities and relationships that don’t last. Listen as Jesus points our cravings to the only full and permanent satisfaction.


What God Requires of Us

The central question for each one of us is simple, “What does God require from me?” Should I pray more? Do I need to give more? How can I be a better person? Now there is no doubt that more prayer, generosity, and holiness is fitting, but is this what God expects? Today Dr. John turns us to the words of Jesus. There is one work that pleases God – our faith.


How to Grow Your Faith

Faith is the means of our spiritual life. We begin by faith. We continue by faith. It is not the product of our own efforts, but of grace. And it is by grace that God nurtures our faith. Today we hear of the way that Jesus enhanced the faith of His disciples. During a night storm, Jesus walked on the waves to His disciples. The event began in fear and ended in faith. To grow in faith, it helps to have a crisis!


Give Us Today Our Daily Bread

We are self-oriented people. Self-interest is our natural default. So we can understand why a crowd followed Jesus after being fed with a boy’s small lunch. They thought that anyone who could solve their hunger should be king! Today we hear Jesus correct us. He is not just a means for our satisfaction, personal or political. Listen as Dr. John cautions about using Jesus for our own gain.


Why Follow Jesus?

Why did you say “Yes” to your current job opportunity? Why did you marry your spouse? Why did you come to Jesus? Reflecting on our past motivation gives insight to our choices. Today Dr. John invites us to examine our motive for faith. We will find that our reasons for turning to God have probably matured. It has become less about us and more about Him.



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