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The Genesis of Christmas

To live with hope means trudging uphill against a strong headwind and over many obstacles. There is much in life that works against hope. In today’s message, Dr. John points to the hope of a Saviour found in Genesis 3:15. That promise is challenged again and again in the narrative of Genesis. The events of Genesis press against the hope of redemption. But with every twist, God repeats His promise. Nothing and no one could frustrate the promise of God. The hope of Christmas survived. The hope survives still.


The Tale of Two Cities – Part 2

Do you skip over the geneologies in the Bible? In part two of The Tale of Two Cities, you’ll see the insights to be gleaned from Adam’s geneology. We see in the descendants of Seth the better alternative to the city of man.


Understanding Man’s Inhumanity

How does God respond to the first murder? The spilling of innocent blood never goes unanswered, but in this story we again see God showing undeserved mercy. Join Dr. Neufeld as we continue our series, ‘He Made Me Human’.



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