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Should Not Perish, but Have Everlasting Life

There are couplets that have to be understood together. Up and down. Good and bad. Life and death. We can’t understand one without understanding the other. In today’s message, Dr. John speaks of eternal life and eternal death. We need to recognize both truths as we come to Jesus Christ for deliverance.


That Whoever Believes in Him

In today’s message, Dr. John speaks of belief and what saving belief is. There is no issue more vital for us. It is belief that determines our eternal life or death. Listen as Dr. John speaks of the nature of belief to know, to agree, to surrender and to trust.


Reveling in Humility

How does any man or woman pray ‘Lord let there be less and less of me and more and more of you?’ I think the answer to that has everything to do with just how great you think you are and just how great you think Jesus is.



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