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Abraham and the Christian Faith

Abraham is spoken of as the “father of faith.” He does not generate faith but is a template for all of us. Therefore, one can never fully understand Abraham without seeing him not only encountering the gospel, but encountering Jesus Himself.


God Fulfills His Promises

Abraham provided for the basic necessities of Hagar and Ishmael as much as Hagar could carry and sent them away. And in that moment Abraham secured the future of the promise of God. God would make him into a great nation. Isaac was the child of promise. The promises of God were all coming true.


The Child of Promise

We could not have believed on our own because we delighted in sin and were enemies of God by nature. We could not have given ourselves a new heart for this old heart was dead to God. God visited us and we have become the children of promise.


Confident Faith

In this 4-week series on Genesis 18-25, Dr. John Neufeld looks at the life of Abraham and unpacks the topic of faith. How is faith formed? How does faith mature? And how can faith help us trust in what God has promised, even though we can’t see it yet?



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