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God’s Goodness Expressed in Male & Females

I’m going to spend this series helping young boys and young men and perhaps older men as well celebrate godly manhood. In generations past, this would have been a very easy thing to do. We tended to know what godly and ungodly manhood was and wasn’t but today we have allowed those lines and those definitions to become blurred.


God and Gender

I see no advantage in trying to establish laws seeking to re-establish the traditional view of marriage. I see every advantage in helping the church to live in an authentic way. And one of the places we must start is in re-teaching the value of marriage and family.


Solo Deo Gloria

The Biblical concept of grace is God’s favor or his goodness poured out on those who are undeserving. And for the reformers this was very important


The Protestant Reformation

Remembering the Reformation: 2017 marks the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. In this one-week series Dr. John Neufeld will examine one of the great and important divisions of the Christian faith – what it is and why it happened.



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