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Why Christians Aren’t Fatalists

An old song says, “Que sera sera – whatever will be, will be.” It is the song of a fatalist.Fatalism is driving on a set road heading to a pre-set destination, regardless of what happens .Is fatalism the same as God’s providence? Dr. John walks us through the Scriptures to understand the difference. We will seee that God executes His determined designes through the willing obediecnce of His people. What we are and do matters to God!


The Protestant Reformation

Christianity is a historical faith. Not just a set of ideas, or even of revealed truth, but revealed truth in real and verifiable history. This is what makes our faith to be absolutely unique. We are not a faith of myths, not a faith of proclamations out of the clear blue, but a faith where one event builds on another event as God reveals his truth to us.


The Holy Spirit and the Word of God

The Holy Spirit took a vital role in the creation of the Scripture, in the preservation of the Scripture and in the interpretation of Scripture. Had He not done so we would have no navigational instruments that will fly us into the presence of God.



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