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The King’s Royal Decree

The plan and rule of God is focused through the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus is the means of redemption and reconciliation. Jesus is the coming King who will rule the earth. In Psalm 2, God laughs at the opposition of earthly kings. Why? Jesus reigns with a rod of iron. Let every king bow in reverence. Let every believer live with hope.


The King in His Power

It is no secret that our modern culture not only places God on the periphery, but actively opposes His Word and rule. The ways of God are ridiculed and rejected. Dr. John turns us to Psalm 2 to demonstrate that this is not new. God is not surprised or shook. His Throne is eternally stable, and His people can be calm and confident.


In Praise of the Great King

Christians have taken this Psalm about David which celebrates his coronation as king and have rightly pointed out that this Psalm also speaks prophetically of the greatest king who would be a descendant of David. The one to rule the nations



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