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The Truth Once for All

If what you learn deviates from essential Christian instruction about Jesus, His cross, the God we are to be reconciled to and the salvation He offers, watch out! Resist this.


Constant Vigilance

The calling from the Bible is that we be constantly aware and on watch as deceivers, false teachers and distorters of the truth will always be there. The price of living in the truth is eternal vigilance.


Love and the Commandments

But what does John mean by walking in the truth? According to this book and the other books by Joh, it is clear that for him, walking in the truth means to live according to the truth of the message of the gospel.


Love and Truth

You don’t ever have to choose between being a “love” person or a “truth” person. It shouldn’t be a tradeoff. In fact, we should think that growing in both love and truth is a part of Christian discipleship.


Authentic Worship

Human beings will always worship. That’s because your heart was created to worship something or somebody that is greater than yourself. We are all driven to bow down and offer our lives to something greater than ourselves.


A Unique Portrait of Jesus

According to John’s recounting of Jesus, and the reaction He created in people, John wants us to know that there is believing and then there is really believing. We’ll talk more about that when we study that text in detail today.



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