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We’ve Only Scratched the Surface

Some approach apologetics as if they were trying to win an argument. It’s best to understand apologetics as “clearing the obstacles” towards faith. Dr. John speaks of apologetics and reminds us that it is not fuel for debates but encouragement for our own faith and an invitation towards faith for others.


It’s About Jesus

2 Corinthians 11:3-4 Often in our defense of the gospel, we wind up defending the wrong things. We argue for the church, denominations, church history or personal lifestyle. But we ought to be speaking about Jesus. In today’s message, Dr. John looks at 7 mistakes about Jesus that are common in our day.


What Must I Do to Be Saved?

Personal conversion is the work of God. It is His to do and only He can do it. But as it is personal conversion, it requires a personal response. Today Dr. John will teach that faith is our response to God’s work. Faith is believing, trusting and surrendering to the person and work of Jesus.


What It Means to Be Born Again

If I go to the doctor or hospital, there are obvious markers the doctor looks for to evaluate the presence and quality of life. Pulse, blood pressure and respiration are some of the first signs of life. In today’s message, Dr. John offers us seven signs to look to for the presence and quality of spiritual life within us. It’s time to take our soul’s pulse.


The Baptism of the Holy Spirit

In this four-week study of 1 Corinthians 12-14, Dr. John Neufeld unpacks the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Areas of discussion include what the gifts are, whether or not they are presently in operation and the concerns and controversy surrounding the expression of the gifts of the Holy Spirit in the church today.


Jesus, Thy Blood and Righteousness

Easter - Its Purpose and Promise

Dr. John Neufeld continues his practical look into Easter, focusing on the necessity and practicality of Jesus’ resurrection. Join Dr. Neufeld as he unpacks our undeniable need for a saviour, the importance of the cross, and the freedom we have in Christ through His death. This is a series of reflection and celebration, drawing us in as we come to understand the true power of the death and resurrection of Jesus.


The Joy Of Giving

When you tithe and when you give you will find you are supplying the needs of the saints and in fact you are advancing the kingdom. You are investing in the progress of the gospel.



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