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Learning Faithfulness When It’s Not Ideal

Faithfulness is not a single step. It is a journey of many steps, one after the other in the same direction. Before David would be king of Israel, there were countless faithful steps he had to take. His path would face opposition, treachery and temptation. Listen as Dr. John points to the faithfulness of David despite great struggle. We can take courage in our own journey and trust the power of God for each step.


Learning You Cannot Fight Alone

David went from being an obscure shepherd boy to Israel’s hero. He was elevated, applauded and sung about. How did a young boy navigate the rapids of fame? Today Dr. John points to a gift that God provided for David; a friend. Jonathan and David were bound by heart. This friendship did more than help David understand the royal court. It helped stabilize David in the crush of popularity. Everyone needs a friend.



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