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Submitting to our Great High Priest

It’s been suggested that we learn who we truly are by losing. But winning will also reveal our default nature. Dr. John teaches today about Abraham’s response after a victorius battle. He honours Melchizadek but refuses to honour the King of Sodom. Listen and understand the difference.


Righteousness or Personal Advantage

Doing what is right is especially challenging when we think we might benefit by doing what is wrong. Today Dr. John teaches that when Lot was captured in battle, it wouldn’t be the worst thing for Abraham’s flocks and pastures. Pressed between what is right or what is beneficial, what would Abraham do?


Abraham and the Christian Faith

Abraham is spoken of as the “father of faith.” He does not generate faith but is a template for all of us. Therefore, one can never fully understand Abraham without seeing him not only encountering the gospel, but encountering Jesus Himself.



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