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Living Humbly Before God

Since trouble comes to every Christian, we all should be prepared to face it. Peter closes this letter to Christians under pressure with three commands. The commands speak to the way we view trials, our awareness in them and the means to endure. Listen to Dr. John explain Peter’s commands about humility, alertness and standing fast. Listen for God’s promise to all believers under pressure.


Strong Church Leadership

What is a Pastor to be? The role has shifted in recent decades. The model of the “Business Executive” has influenced congregational expectations. In chapter 5, Peter describes the responsibility of all Pastors. Listen as Dr. John teaches on the task, attitude and promise of every Pastor . It’s good for Shepherds and sheep alike.


What to Do in the End Times

Almost 2000 years ago, Peter told his readers that the end of all things was at hand. What did he mean by this? And what does it mean for us now? In this message we unpack God’s instructions for our lives in light of Christ’s return.


Arm Yourself for Suffering

Would you do good if it meant suffering? That was the choice of Peter’s audience, and it’s ours today. Christians should expect to suffer for doing good. Dr. John shows from the Word some ways godly life stands opposed to culture.


Christ Died for Sins

This passage is a difficult one, but when understood offers great encouragement to believers who stand against the majority. Dr. John breaks down the death and resurrection of Christ, baptism, and the hope that awaits us.


Gentleness and Respect

Persecution is inevitable for the Christian, but don’t let it be because you’re acting ungraciously with unbelievers. Do good. Share about the faith that gives you hope, and do it with gentleness and respect.


Summary of Christian Conduct

How can Christians be a light in a dark world? What kind of behaviour brings true life? In this passage, Peter gives a summary of the counter-cultural godly living that Christians are called to with each other and the secular world.


Godly Conduct for Wives and Husbands

Whether it is overt persecution or subtle pressures, Christians have always faced trials in this world, and our culture is no exception. The book of 1 Peter offers us encouragement by reminding us of our identity as chosen sojourners and commending us to continue to do good.


In His Steps

Jesus Christ suffered immsensely but He never sinned. As His followers we can expect to suffer too, and we must respond as He did. Join Dr. John today as we are reminded of Christ as our example and our shepherd.



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