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Requirements of Defending the Faith

1 Peter 3:13-17 Apologetics is the field of theology which offers a defence of the gospel. Dr. John reminds us from 1 Peter that the first best defence is not an argument, but a Christian life that is grace filled, gentle and courageous.


Obliged to Defend the Faith

1 Peter 1-3 In our witness, we focus on the central question of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Of course, that is central to the gospel. Dr. John reminds us to address other questions even before the matter of faith. There is debris that needs to be cleared to offer an unobstructed path to faith in Jesus.


The History of the Warfare

In this message, Dr. John traces the history of spiritual warfare from Genesis to Revelation. He points to the cross of Jesus as the pivot of this battle. We are assured of victory by the death and resurrection of our Lord. The accuser of the saints has been cast out of Heaven and now patrols the Earth like a hungry lion. We exalt in the victory of the Lion of Judah. We live with eyes wide open for the lion of destruction.



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